Physical Therapy

Physical Therapies

At Foot and Ankle Specialists, we are able to offer in house Physical Therapy services.  When you seek treatment at Foot and Ankle Specialists physical therapy, you can expect a very comprehensive evaluation.  We will examine not only at the area of injury, but all aspects of movement to help determine the root cause, and ultimately, the most efficient and long lasting treatment for any condition.  We will take your rehab to the next level, making sure you can move and walk appropriately again, but also getting you back to your desired level of activity in all areas – whether that be work duties, exercise activity, or chasing your kids around.

If you have a nagging condition that is keeping you from doing what you love to do, or just causing you discomfort, don’t delay.  Make an appointment to be evaluated to see if physical therapy could be the solution to your problem. We can’t wait to help you!